Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 6.3.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-14289] - Npm artifacts resolved from a local repository have different package.json than that of the default npm registry
  • [RTFACT-14911] - REST API 'Effective Item Permissions' does not work on remote-caches
  • [RTFACT-15041] - Typo in debian 'set me up' instructions
  • [RTFACT-15718] - api/system/encrypt or decrypt REST API will not propagate files of other nodes
  • [RTFACT-16276] - OSS/Conan - in the new repository wizard, available packages should be shown first
  • [RTFACT-17067] - System export might not include some users, groups and permission targets
  • [RTFACT-17291] - Unable to delete remote repository configured to not cache artifact locally
  • [RTFACT-17310] - HA traffic wrong calculation upon a failure
  • [RTFACT-17319] - Single node HA traffic usage fails

New Feature


  • [RTFACT-17143] - LDAP UI fix from Group Name to Setting Name
  • [RTFACT-17219] - Artifactory docker - extra conf for replicator
  • [RTFACT-17224] - Add server's canonical timezone to the Get Service Info API


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