Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 6.11.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-19088] - Large scale users <> groups <> permissions ACL matrix can increase API and build requests response time
  • [RTFACT-19118] - Crowd improved handling from Artifactory-side


  • [RTFACT-12916] - Artifactory should either reject NPM packages with non-semver versions or discard the corrupted package.json
  • [RTFACT-13635] - Artifactory resets the connection when accessing '/versions' api on rubygems
  • [RTFACT-15884] - Remote repository does not show artifacts in case the artifact name include special characters.
  • [RTFACT-16379] - Properties Are Not Replicated During Event Based Replication When Publishing With Jenkins
  • [RTFACT-17022] - Proxying devpi (and other non-warehouse repos) with artifactory
  • [RTFACT-17552] - Conda remote repository URL Test not working
  • [RTFACT-18639] - Artifactory tries to resolve remote repositories configured with proxy in DNS and slows down every action requiring configuration reload
  • [RTFACT-18716] - Conda Virtuals never return 304 on repodata requests (Performance)
  • [RTFACT-18741] - Outdated Crowd REST client version Artifactory causes delayed logins when HTTPS is used
  • [RTFACT-18787] - Save user profile button in the UI is disabled when 'artifactory.bintray.ui.hideUploads' is set to true
  • [RTFACT-18892] - Dependencies in conda info not updated in the UI when clicking on different packages
  • [RTFACT-18957] - Email Notification stops notifying users if an error takes place.
  • [RTFACT-19086] - Release Debian file served very slowly from Debian Virtual repositories
  • [RTFACT-19093] - Incorrectly base url resolving
  • [RTFACT-19113] - Add release-bundle permissions for UI endpoints
  • [RTFACT-19128] - Delete operation fails for user which associated to a permission target that includes builds only and no repos in it
  • [RTFACT-19179] - Effective permissions UI Model requires a fix
  • [RTFACT-19232] - Package Native UI doesn't work when MDS is enable
  • [RTFACT-19249] - afterDownloadError event not fired for Go repos
  • [RTFACT-19286] - In HA environment, after deleting a group, it can still be achieved from the other members in the cluster for a period of time
  • [RTFACT-19406] - Replicator - connections leak

New Feature


  • [RTFACT-19028] - Allow updating the ACL cache asynchronously


  • [RTFACT-18840] - Support Direct Cloud Storage Download for On-Premise installations
  • [RTFACT-19295] - Add ArtifactoryPermission.DISTRIBUTE

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