Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 7.0.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-14542] - Cannot upload a file to S3 with a trailing '/' in the PATH
  • [RTFACT-14773] - Artifactory should not fail nuget get requests while caching the nuget metadata to the memory
  • [RTFACT-16050] - XRAY Artifactory integration does not accept plain text passwords with REQUIRED password encryption policy
  • [RTFACT-17024] - Balance (optimize) between Binary providers/shards will not happen if the binaries are located on cache layer
  • [RTFACT-17708] - Artifactory returns 401 unauthorized message instead of 403 when artifact is being blocked by Xray
  • [RTFACT-18085] - Automatically clean long inactive nodes from the High Availability menu and Database
  • [RTFACT-18135] - Conda metadata in Artifactory ignores features and track_features in repodata.json
  • [RTFACT-18593] - Table size and Index size of node_events can grow extremely large
  • [RTFACT-18626] - NPM dependency rewrites does not account for "github:user/package" format
  • [RTFACT-18818] - Artifactory not returning the "Content-Length" for docker packages
  • [RTFACT-19359] - MDS doesn't support package with property value bigger than 255
  • [RTFACT-19776] - The /api/security/users/<username> API returns false information in the Admin field
  • [RTFACT-19812] - Access Token leak in HA cluster
  • [RTFACT-19822] - Java 11 Compilation Readiness
  • [RTFACT-19936] - Docker _upload dir cleanup uses inefficient query
  • [RTFACT-19944] - Enable smart remote repository on Artifactory Edge Node - QA
  • [RTFACT-19974] - httpclient-4.5.3.jar
  • [RTFACT-20031] - Go modules resolution should use modules path location instead of path declared in mod file
  • [RTFACT-20136] - Docker Compose package names should be aligned for all types
  • [RTFACT-20170] - Artifactory Docker repo breaks with containerd 1.3.0-rc2
  • [RTFACT-20176] - GET storage summary info - remove duplicate fields in response
  • [RTFACT-20237] - Unable to logout from Artifactory after login through the native browser
  • [RTFACT-20290] - When editing a user and trying to change the password to less than 8 chars a wrong msg is showed
  • [RTFACT-20297] - Wrong DB collation check for MSSQL, can fail startup in future version
  • [RTFACT-20380] - Go (v1.13+) go get from github returns a bad pre release version names
  • [RTFACT-20424] - In FullDB mode, if a GO artifact with a 'zip' extension is requested from a remote in Artifactory, if the artifact exists in the remote repository-cache but not in the file-system cache-fs there is a possible connection leak
  • [RTFACT-20474] - Improve error message for creating token REST API
  • [RTFACT-20523] - Artifactory is not expiring non SemVer info metadata
  • [RTFACT-20686] - Docker marker files are replicated when execute pull replication
  • [RTFACT-20738] - Typos in license expiration warning
  • [RTFACT-20802] - When Xray status is 'Indexing' there shouldn't be a link to Xray
  • [RTFACT-20812] - JCR - general config should return Subscription even there are no emails
  • [RTFACT-20850] - When disabling the context "/artifactory" and using a repo key that contains "artifactory" the url in the Set Me Up is wrong
  • [RTFACT-20883] - Deadlock across HA nodes on local cache locking
  • [RTFACT-20888] - Deploy file using <user>:<APIKey> doesn't trigger a mail
  • [RTFACT-20942] - Support backward compatibility to saml and oath loginResponse
  • [RTFACT-20957] - Typo in the login error message
  • [RTFACT-23101] - Edit Permission page doesn't respond when it has 100K related builds

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-17289] - Log User-Agent in the request.log
  • [RTFACT-19227] - Given a path, add a REST API to resend Metadata events to the Metadata Server
  • [RTFACT-20026] - Add flags to user/group UI model
  • [RTFACT-20446] - Go 1.13 compatibility: enable gosumdb
  • [RTFACT-20637] - UI Performance For version 7.0


  • [RTFACT-19582] - OpenTracing support in Artifactory
  • [RTFACT-19986] - Node-to-node communication should be done via the Router URL; support the new "X-JFrog-Route-To" header when targeting nodes
  • [RTFACT-20968] - send proper 'modified' value to metadata server
  • [RTFACT-21011] - Perform adjustments to system yaml template


  • [RTFACT-14806] - NPM rewrite external dependencies does not support all semver expressions
  • [RTFACT-16168] - Artifactory should use a token instead of the "xray" user for communicating with Xray
  • [RTFACT-18307] - Reduce the number of characters in URLs
  • [RTFACT-19323] - Build permission include pattern incorrectly shows included build names
  • [RTFACT-19347] - Enable support for Oracle 19c ( DB
  • [RTFACT-19521] - Binaries sum/count calls should be cached
  • [RTFACT-19674] - align replicator configuration
  • [RTFACT-19959] - Align Docker repositories with the Docker manifest v2 schema 1 deprecation
  • [RTFACT-20100] - Verify that SAML supports Encrypted Assertion in Artifactory 7.x
  • [RTFACT-20234] - Change Npm to npm in the different search pages
  • [RTFACT-20315] - Improve texts for storage disk space warning and limit
  • [RTFACT-20680] - Search build/artifact/RB should be case-insensitive
  • [RTFACT-20788] - Add the ability to control the threshold of file size to perform cloud redirect (S3) in kb
  • [RTFACT-20810] - NuGet v2 install command will not be blocked while in-memory cache is building


  • [RTFACT-20619] - Added more variables to the Conda info tab that need to be capitilized
  • [RTFACT-20805] - Improve Nuget In-memory cache building

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