[RTFACT-19809] Artifactory creates dists folder in generic repos Created: 02/Aug/19  Updated: 22/Oct/19

Status: Open
Project: Artifactory Binary Repository
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: 6.11.3
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Bug Priority: Normal
Reporter: Stefan Gangefors Assignee: Unassigned
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Artifactory Enterprise HA 6.11.3 (docker)


Artifactory is creating a "dists" folder with the package database in generic repos when changing the properties of a DEB package.


How to reproduce:

  • Create a generic repo named "test"
  • Upload a DEB package to this repo with curl.
    curl -n -XPUT "https://artifacts.se.axis.com/artifactory/test/some/folder/cowsay_3.03+dfsg2-3_all.deb;deb.distribution=stretch;deb.component=main;deb.architecture=amd64" -T cowsay_3.03+dfsg2-3_all.deb
  • Re-upload the file with any of the properties changed; or change a property of the file in the WebUI
  • Watch how Artifactory creates the "dists" folder in the root of the "test" repo.


Expected behaviour:

I should be able to upload DEB files to a generic repo and setting properties on the item without Artifactory creating extra folders in my repo. This behaviour should only occur for Debian repos.

Comment by Freeman [ 21/Oct/19 ]

Do you also have issues with multiple dist folders being generated when tagging a single package with multiple distributions? 

Comment by Stefan Gangefors [ 22/Oct/19 ]

Freeman: It's not clear if you reference a behaviour in a generic repo or in a Debian repo.

In a Debian repo I would expect one folder for each dist I tag a package for. Example: If I upload a deb package and set deb.distributions=stretch;buster I would expect both those folders in the dist directory.

But in a generic repo I expect no indexation of *.deb files and certanly not Artifactory creating a dist directory with package files.

Comment by Freeman [ 22/Oct/19 ]

Good question Stefan Gangefors, I had not made that distinction in your report. I am seeing the multiple dist folders in Debian Repositories. When tagging a deb package with the meta data 'deb.distribution=trusty; bionic' it creates a dist folder with the name 'trusty; bionic' 


Comment by Stefan Gangefors [ 22/Oct/19 ]

Freeman: That is how it is supposed to work in Debian repos. The files created in the dists directory are the package databases that APT is using to know which packages are available for that apt source.

My issue is that these files are also created for Generic repos, which they shouldn't.

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