[RTFACT-6112] Artifact search should be case-insensitive unless case-sensitivity is requested Created: 13/Nov/13  Updated: 14/May/20  Resolved: 24/Jun/18

Status: Resolved
Project: Artifactory Binary Repository
Component/s: Search, Web UI
Affects Version/s: 3.0.1, 4.5.2
Fix Version/s: 6.1.0

Type: New Feature Priority: High
Reporter: Robert Bratton Assignee: Dudi Morad (Inactive)
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 25
Labels: artifactory, case-sensitive

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When I search for an artifact like NUnit. I have to know the case of all the parts. If I search for "NUnit" it only returns artifacts with that exact case, e.g. items with nunit are not found.

I'll apologize in advance if this is a configurable setting since I'm not the local Artifactory administrator, I have no way to see or change any settings.

Comment by Alan Mosely [ 03/Nov/14 ]

+1 to make this a configurable setting - this is frustrating for our NuGet users as they are used to NuGet search being case insensitive in the NuGet client tools

Comment by Neil Horlock [ 03/Jun/15 ]

+1 for case insensitive searches.
The case sensitivity puts a significant cramp on the discovery of Artifacts in the store. Adding a case insensitive modifier like regexp solutions have to the search string might be a simple way to address this

Comment by marc caron [ 08/Sep/15 ]

I will +1 this as well.
I will expand to say that the Quick Search should be case insensitive at a minimum. It seems to be intended as a basic internet type search feature. Which for almost everyone is case insensitive these days. So to keep with it's perceived usage implementation, it should be case insensitive.
The other search types should be admin configurable to sensitive or insensitive as the use cases could vary on those.

Comment by Martin Melka [ 22/Jan/16 ]

+1 too. Especially for longer package names this would be a welcomed fix. We are now switching from NuGet.Server to Artifactory and were using only lowercase names for the package queries before. Now we have to change them all to the correct case.

Comment by Andreas Niemeyer [ 21/Apr/16 ]

Please please change the search condition as requested and provide it as "normal" users would expect. If you want to keep a case sensitive search, put it as an option.

Comment by Peter Ferak [ 03/May/16 ]

Hi, some of our devs have requested this feature, would be great to see this make the next release.

Comment by Tom Cooke [ 09/Dec/16 ]

Our users are regularly confused by the strange behaviour of the search which they rightly expect to be case-insensitive, I would really like to see this fixed.

Comment by Luke Starnes [ 11/Apr/19 ]

this ticket says that this issue was fixed in version 6.1.0, but we are running 6.8.7 and still see the reported behavior (searches within the UI are case sensitive). Dudi Morad, is there a setting I am not seeing?

Comment by Dudi Morad (Inactive) [ 17/Apr/19 ]

Luke Starnes
This ticket was referring to searching for a NuGet package with both a Package ID and a Version,
In this case Artifactory should be case-insensitive
I.e. when Artifactory perform the Packages(Id='GoogleChrome',Version='62.0.3202.94') OData function, Artifactory should return the same results for ‘GoogleChrome’ and ‘googlechrome’.
Hope it helps

Comment by Syamala Nanditha [ 08/Nov/19 ]

+1 What is the resolution for this issue? We are using Artifactory 6.12.2. We recently migrated from MySQL database (case insensitive) to Postgres (case sensitive). We have promotion jobs which copy artifacts from one repo to another. These started failing after the migration. AQL still doesn't handle the cases with case sensitivity of back-end databases. I think, as Alan Mosely mentioned, it is better to have a configurable setting.

Comment by Alex Ralph [ 14/May/20 ]

We are running version 6.17.1 and when we use AQL to search for any artefact the searches are case sensitive.

So this does not appear to be resolved in 6.17.

Please could you advise the version in which this is foxed? 

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