Does Artifactory support Anaconda / Conda?

Conda is not a built-in package type in Artifactory, but can be configured to work following the below steps: 

  • Copy the below URL


  • Create a new Generic-type remote repository in Artifactory using this URL
  • Edit your .condarc file to point to this newly created remote repository: 


Since Conda repositories rely on the repodata.json as its main metadata file, you will need to use an Artifactory User Plugin such as the one linked below to mark the repodata.json file as an expirable resource so that it will be renewed periodically, otherwise you will end up having stale metadata:

*You have to modify the plugin to work with your own Conda repository, and to intercept requests only for the "repodata.json" file specifically. Please read more about Artifactory User Plugins on our Wiki: