How do I configure Artifactory SAML SSO with OneLogin?

This document describes how to configure your Artifactory SAML integration with OneLogin in 5 minutes.

  1. In order to configure your Artifactory account with OneLogin, please follow the below screenshots:


  2. Login into your new OneLogin account:

  3. Click on 'Apps' -> 'Add Apps':


  4. Type 'artifactory' on the text field. Right after typing, you will see the 'Artifactory' application link. Click on the link:



  5. Click 'Save':


  6. After clicking the save, you will be redirected to the Artifactory application screen. Click on the 'Configuration' button:


  7. Type your Artifactory server URL, e.g. ''



  8. Copy the following:

    'Issue URL' to the 'SAML Service Provider name' field in Artifactory
    'SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)' to the 'SAML Login URL' field in Artifactory
    'SLO Endpoint (HTTP)' to the 'SAML Logout URL' field in Artifactory

    Copy the certificate from 'View Details' to the 'SAML Certificate' textarea in Artifactory.


  9. Browse to your Artifactory server, you will be redirected to the OneLogin server for the login. Once you are logged in OneLogin, you will be redirected back to Artifactory as logged-in user.