How do I reduce the disk space that Artifactory backups use?

If you find that your backups are taking up too much disk space, you may want to use the 'incremental' backup option when configuring a backup job in Artifactory. This will synchronize files, folders, and settings that were added/removed from the last backup. Keep in mind, it will be even more 'economical', to configure retention settings for snapshots or adding a user plugin that will clean up artifacts by any pre-set rules, e.g. files that are older than 90 days. You may find some examples of these at our GitHub page.

An alternative solution that will reduce disk space usage, will be using a System Export with "Exclude Content" selected. This will essentially remove any binaries from the export (which may be served as a backup). Then, you can backup your $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data/filestore (default location for Artifactory's checksum based storage location) to any desired backup path. This will allow you to have a compressed version of your filestore which is only the size of "Binaries Size" to begin with, as any binary will be saved only once. This can be useful, for an example, when having multiple Docker images with the same layer, effectively will allow storing them only once.

Note that this will only work when copying the filestore folder manually to the appropriate location and then performing a full system import - which will reference all the binaries to their respective paths.