How do I tune Artifactory for heavy loads?

To tune Artifactory for heavy loads, please see our suggestions below:

Tune MySQL for Artifactory: Our documentation includes suggestions for your my.cnf file, so that you can tune MySQL for best performance.

Increase JVM Memory Allocation:Please modify your JVM Memory Allocation, and please make sure you are following our hardware recommendations.



Default value: 100

Example: 400

Description: Each instance will have its own pool with 400 max connections.


Setting: artifactory.async.corePoolSize

Description: The number of async processes that can run in parallel

Default value: machine cores x4

Example: 1024

Setting: artifactory.async.poolMaxQueueSize

Description: Number of processes that can be queued

Default value:10000


Artifactory's Tomcat 'conf/server.xml' file:

<Connector port="8019"  protocol="AJP/1.3"

maxThreads="2048" minSpareThreads="200"



Default value:200


Description: The maximum number of simultaneous requests that can be handled(by Tomcat).