How to import and export licenses from one server to another

The license configuration is configured per instance. Therefore, in case you wish to have the same license settings on the remote server, you will need to create the desired settings on that specific server.

You can also export the licenses from the server and import them to the remote server.

This can be done by following this procedure:

  1. On the source server, please navigate to the Admin tab → Licenses → Export all the licenses.

  2. On the destination server, run export system and make sure that exclude content, exclude Metadata and exclude builds checkbox, are marked. This can be done in the UI → Import & Export → System.

  3. Copy the exported license from the source server to your $BACKUP_DIR(marked with timestamp)/licenses (overwrite the file).

  4. On the UI of the destination server → Admin tab → Import & Export → System → Import → choose the directory of the backup → mark the checkboxes of the exclude content and exclude metadata.

Please note – This will replace the license settings of the destination server completely, so if there are differences between the two servers we don’t recommend this procedure since it will overwrite the settings defined on the destination server.