How to improve Artifactory UI speed? Why is my Artifactory UI slow?

You may encounter an Artifactory User Interface performance issue for the following reasons:

  • Issue: Slow UI performance due to system resources
    Resolution: Check your Artifactory’s JVM and Database resource while browsing. If the resources are running low, increasing the resources will help improve the UI navigation
  • Issue: Slow UI performance in the tree view, when artifact names contain an underscore ‘_’ 
    ResolutionResolved in 3.9.5 and 4.2.0
  • Issue: Slow UI performance because Javascript and CSS files are not minified

           ResolutionResolved in Artifactory version 4.2.0

If the solutions above do not resolve the issue, then please collect the following items and send them to JFrog Support for investigation:

  • Memory usage details on Artifactory machine
  • System information of Artifactory: Artifactory  Admin  Advanced  System Info
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Use a Chrome browser to capture when this issue happens and save HAR data using these instructions

  • Version number of Artifactory
  • Version number of proxy

  • Artifactory logs after enabling the following logs at $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/logback.xml then reproducing the issue (does not require a restart)
    <logger name=””>
<level value=”DEBUG”/>
  • Proxy (e.g. NGINX or APACHE) logs
  • Proxy (e.g. NGINX or APACHE) configuration files