How to prepare for an Artifactory POC (Or, A word of advice for managing team POC’s in Artifactory)

When you are performing a POC of Artifactory, or of one of its features, you would most likely want to follow the basic setup guidelines suggested below:

1. Every product team typically has a sandbox repository which can be used by developers to conduct a POC.

2. Every Product team is responsible for any version clashes and for artifact cleanup [1], [2].

3. Additionally, every product/build has a local repository and it is good to ensure that third-party shared libraries are not pushed here. Any third-party artifacts can be later cleaned up by running queries to check for duplicate references, typically based on naming conventions and checksum search returning multiple references, to ensure only blessed and single references are present.

4. In order to auto provision repositories, there are REST API's for repository CRUD operations. You may have to script this into some workflow system like Jira in order to trigger based on approval of requests. Typically, having sandbox repositories reduces such requests so the need to automate is actually reduced.