How to resolve Authentication Issues with Visual Studio 2015 and NuGet package push to Artifactory

When a user attempts to connect to Artifactory from Visual Studio he will be asked for an Artifactory user id a password. The user will provide this information and even check the “Remember me” checkbox but he might still be prompted (pop-up) again for credentials (user id + password).

Below are the steps, which you can follow to get out of this situation.

1. First, download nuget.exe file from online source in order to perform source update on the nuget.config file.

2. Then, search for the nuget.config in your local environment –> open it with text editor –> search for the tag <packageSources> and get the key value for your Artifactory name.

3. Next, after replacing <Key> with the Artifactory name (retrieved from the tag <packageSources>) and providing user id and password you will need to run the command below:

nuget sources update -Name “<Key>” -User <username> -Pass <password>