JFrog Xray is officially released – how do I switch from the preview version?

Please make sure that you are using Artifactory version 4.11.0 and above - previous versions will not work with Xray 1.0.


There is no support to upgrade Xray from the preview version to Xray 1.0. If you have tried the Xray preview version and want to upgrade your Artifactory instance to work with Xray 1.0 - follow the steps below to create a clean environment.


1.  Stop all Xray containers


xray stop


2. Remove your Xray preview Docker containers (required) and images (optional)


docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

docker rmi $(docker images -q)


Warning! This will remove all containers and/or images from your Docker environment. You may wish to manually remove those containers/images.


3.  Remove the Xray home folder. It will be printed to console when you execute any Xray command, e.g. xray version, and by default it will be located at {user home}/.jfrog/xray.


4. Use the REST API call below to remove the existing configuration from the Artifactory server:


curl -X DELETE -u {admin}:{password} http://{Artifactory_URL}/artifactory/api/xray 


This will remove the Xray user from Artifactory and the previous (obsolete) configuration.


* You can validate that the Xray-related configuration was removed by ensuring that:

a. The Xray user was removed from the Users category (Admin >> Security | Users).

b. Verify there are no entries of <xray></xray> tags and related properties in Artifactory's Config Descriptor (Admin >> Advanced | Config Descriptor)


5. Download and Install Xray 1.0.1 and add your Artifactory instance.


Find more essential and useful information on our  Xray Wiki Page.