S3 Object filestore – Advanced configuration

Starting from version 4.3.X of Artifactory, the improved support for S3 object filestore includes full integration with the JetS3t Toolkit.

The JetS3t Toolkit includes the ability to set advanced communication properties on S3 object filestore through the configuration properties file jets3t.properties.

All properties which are available on the JetS3t Library (and apply to S3) are also supported in Artifactory and can be added in the 

binarystore.xml file (which is located here: $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc) by the following convention:

<property name=[jetS3t property name] value=[JetS3t property value]></property>

An Example:

<property name=”s3service.disable-dns-buckets” value=”true”></property>

On older versions previous to version 4.6 of Artifactory, it will be configured on the storage.properties file with the following prefix:

binary.provider.s3.env.<jets3t property>

An Example:


(Note: Using port 8080 Instead of the default http port for the S3 service which is port 80).