Tuning Artifactory

Some Artifactory instances require tuning to handle heavy loads. Otherwise, Artifactory may hang from maxing out all its connections. We can overcome these issues by increasing the connection pool size for the DB so that the concurrent deployment number is smaller than the pool size. The connection pool size can be set in the ‘storage.properties’ file under $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc folder. We suggest changing the following settings in their respective files so that you can tune Artifactory as a high-load server:


Setting: pool.max.active

Default value: 100

Recommended value: 400

Description: Each instance will have its own pool with 400 max connections.

Setting: artifactory.async.corePoolSize

Description: The number of async processes that can run in parallel

Default value: machine cores x4

Your value: 160

Recommended value: 1024

Setting: artifactory.async.poolMaxQueueSize

Description: Number of processes that can be queued

Your value: 10000

Recommended value: 100000

Artifactory’s Tomcat ‘conf/server.xml‘ file:

<Connector port=”8019″  protocol=”AJP/1.3″

maxThreads=”2048″ minSpareThreads=”200″



Default value when not specified:200

Recommended value:2048

Description: The maximum number of simultaneous requests that can be handled(by Tomcat). While this may not be explicitly related to your issue, you may want to also change this parameter.