What is the downgrade procedure for Artifactory?

You will need to have a backup of your previous version of Artifactory, in order to perform a downgrade. For example, you had Artifactory version 4.4.2 installed, then you performed an upgrade to version 4.13. For some reason, you decided to downgrade back to 4.4.2. For that, you will need to have a backup of Artifactory version 4.4.2. Otherwise, you will run into errors If you use a backup of version 4.13 during the restoration process of version 4.4.2.

  1. Install the older version of Artifactory
  2. Create a new database
  3. Set etc/storage.properties file to make a use of the new database
  4. Start the Artifactory server
  5. Go to Admin -> Import & Export -> System -> Import System -> Run full import by using the imported file created before the downgrade

An alternative is to use a backup of the DB and the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc folder from the previous version of Artifactory that you are rolling back to. The filestore can be used as is.