Why am I getting a ‘Binary provider has no content for’ error?

If your artifactory.log file is indicating "Binary provider has no content" errors, it is usually caused by maintenance processes happening concurrently.


If the file referred to in the error is a metadata file, this is happening because artifact manipulation and the Backup task are overlapping. In this case, a metadata file has changed due to an artifact being added or removed, therefore changing its checksum which causes the maven index task to mark the old metadata file for deletion, or a file was simply deleted in the middle of the process. The backup starts, indexes all of the files to be exported, an artifact is changed, added or removed, metadata is recalculated (and its checksum) and then when the backup reaches that file it cannot find the corresponding checksum for the metadata.


If the file referred to in the error is not a metadata file, this could be caused by a file being physically deleted from the filestore. The fix in this case is to delete the artifact in the Artifactory UI and then re-deploy it. It could also be caused by Garbage Collection removing the file.


We can say that in our experience, this error has not resulted in data loss but you should move your GC and Backup tasks so that they are sure to not overlap.