Why should I use the JFrog CLI over curl?

Here are some of the advantages:

1. Simpler to use.

2. Automatically performs checksum deploy and checksum resolve.

3. Automatically adds the checksum headers to the deployed artifacts.

4. Can save your Artifactory URL and credentials so that you don’t have to specify them for every request.

5. Uses intuitive wildcard patterns to collected artifacts for upload and download.

6. Supports regular expressions to collect artifacts for upload.

7. Converts patterns with wildcards to an AQL query for finding the artifacts to be downloaded.

8. Enables you to easily control the thread count for upload and download.

9. Supports range file download – you can decide how many threads to use to download each artifact.

10. Enables “dry run” mode, so that you can test your command before running it.

11. Allows full folder uploads and downloads without archiving