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JFrog Artifactory & Chef

Infrastructure as Binaries with Visibility and Transparency

The solution (integration)

JFrog Artifactory supports Chef cookbooks as an artifact format to allow DevOps teams to reach maximum release velocity while maintaining safety and security. Utilizing the integration of Artifactory with Chef to store and manage your artifacts means the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure will be properly controlled, auditable, and more importantly, not dependent upon Internet reliability.


If you want to try this integration and are not yet an Artifactory user, get a free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to use Chef with Artifactory.


Ease of Visibility – You now have a single view over all cookbooks, public and private, within an organization, by using Artifactory’s built-in Virtual Repositories.


Robust Access Control – Fine-grained access control allows you to determine who can read and write certain cookbooks, backed optionally by a directory system like LDAP or Active Directory.


Reliability – Experience an increase in reliability through caching of cookbook artifacts, so that users can continue working even if the Supermarket or network connection is down.


Artifact Management – Providing you with sophisticated, advanced artifact management and de-duplication through Artifactory’s efficient, checksum-based storage.


Easy Setup – To enable Chef in Artifactory, simply set the Package Type to Chef when you create a new repository in Artifactory.

Chef (formerly Opscode) is the platform for the DevOps workflow. Use Chef to automate and manage it all–infrastructure, run-time environments and applications. The Chef community is tens of thousands strong. The most enduring and transformative companies use Chef to become fast, efficient, and innovative software-driven organizations.

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