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JFrog Artifactory SaaS on Google Cloud Platform

Reach massive scalability with unlimited development potential

The solution (integration)

JFrog Artifactory Cloud is JFrog’s SaaS-based universal artifact repository solution for managing your artifacts in the cloud. In line with Artifactory being the only universal repository providing equal support for all major package formats, build tools, and CI servers, JFrog now adds another degree of freedom by adding GCP as one of the platforms on which customers may host their instance of JFrog Artifactory Cloud. Among the variety of services offered, JFrog will use GCP’s Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL and more to provide JFrog Artifactory Cloud on GCP.


JFrog Artifactory Cloud on GCP offers instant setup and configuration, free version updates, interactive dashboard, minimal hardware footprint in a secure, reliable and highly scalable service. The partnership between JFrog and GCP also offers:


Free for OSS: To serve the community, both JFrog and Google will host OSS projects for free following an acceptance process. Apply Now


Freedom to choose: Customers now have the option to co-locate JFrog Artifactory Cloud with any other GCP services they are using, or use any of JFrog’s other cloud providers. JFrog will migrate all data as necessary for customers wishing to change to or from GCP as the provider on which JFrog Artifactory Cloud is hosted.


Cross-cloud DR capability: With different cloud providers to choose from, customers can now set up multiple Artifactory Cloud instances on different clouds and configure one instance to replicate repositories to another instance hosted on a different cloud provider, effectively implementing cross-cloud disaster recovery.

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