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JFrog Artifactory with Mesosphere

Enterprise data centers empowered with a universal artifact repository

The solution (integration)

Mesosphere brings JFrog Artifactory, the universal artifact repository, to the world of enterprise grade, data center-scale operating systems. Artifactory can be easily installed and integrated within the Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS via a command line interface or through the Mesos Universe UI. Available on DC/OS both as a Pro installation and as an HA cluster, Artifactory brings highly available, and easily scalable artifact repository management to enterprise scale data centers.


Combining the power of JFrog Artifactory with Mesosphere’s DC/OS brings universal artifact repository management to large scale enterprise production systems.


Easy setup. Mesosphere users can easily install Artifactory Pro or an Artifactory HA cluster on DC/OS using the Mesosphere Universe UI or through the Mesosphere CLI


Easy to scale up.With a single click in the Mesosphere Universe, an Artifactory HA cluster on DC/OS can easily be scaled up with additional nodes to meet the need for enterprise-grade availability.


Live checking. Mesosphere’s DC/OS live check continuously monitors all Artifactory HA cluster nodes, automatically restarting them as needed for optimal performance.


Optimized resource usage.  The Mesosphere DC/OS resource scheduler optimizes how system resources are allocated and used between JFrog Artifactory instances and other components in the data center.


Real-time monitoring. Mesosphere’s DC/OS monitoring tools provide a clear picture of how data center resources are distributed between JFrog Artifactory and other system components.


Production Artifactory Docker containers. Mesosphere’s DC/OS is a proven solution that shows Artifactory running in production systems as a Docker container.

Initially developed in 2009 as a research project by PhD students at UC Berkley, Mesosphere was created as an open-source cluster manager that is able to abstract an entire data center into a single pool of computing resources. In doing so, Mesosphere simplifies the running of distributed systems at a very large scale. Mesosphere represents a highly efficient data center operating system, offering state of the art architecture that is customizable to meet the demands of large enterprises. Today, Mesosphere’s DC/OS powers the infrastructure of some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world.