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JFrog Artifactory with RedHat OpenShift

Universal Container Management at Enterprise Scale

The solution (integration)

It’s imperative for developers to have transparency and insight into software development and reduce the complexity of managing their growing binary libraries. For too long, developers have relied upon file shares and other tools that were never designed to manage code, maintain version control, or monitory security.


JFrog Artifactory provides centralized control for developers to manage how binaries are stored and managed throughout the software release cycle.  JFrog Artifactory is universal, and therefore integrated with the most widely used build tools, coding languages, and technologies; and is now available on Red Hat OpenShift. The integration of JFrog Artifactory Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift means developers can develop, deploy, and manage new and existing applications across physical, virtual, or public cloud infrastructures, providing elastic compute resources for performance scalability.


Built on open source code and made enterprise-ready, Red Hat OpenShift is a secure, proven, and reliable platform that fully supports software development teams that want to utilize the power of JFrog Artifactory.




An Enterprise-grade DevOps Environment


To get started, download a free trial of Artifactory Enterprise and install the demo version of this integration on GitHub.


Maintain Developer Focus – Allow your developers to focus on what they do best: building great applications.


Greater Control – Developers can build applications with transparency and assurance that their builds are ready for production.


Ease of Use – All infrastructure requirements are managed and delivered by Red Hat OpenShift.


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