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  • Intro to JFrog Artifactory – Learn More
  • Fast-track Your CI/CD Pipeline with JFrog Artifactory Pro – Learn More
  • Scale Up JFrog Artifactory for the Enterprise – Learn More
  • Global Architectures with JFrog Enterprise and JFrog Mission Control – Learn More
  • What?!  Your Docker Registry is Not Universal? – Learn More
  • Fail-safe Docker Promotion Pipelines for Faster, Happier Delivery – Learn More
  • Your DevOps Ecosystem Just Expanded with Artifactory 5.1! – Learn More
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What’s new in JFrog Products!

July 6th 12:30PM CET, EMEA webinar

Spend an hour with JFrog to learn about the new and cool features that just released in the latest releases of our products.   Learn about how you can leverage these features to accelerate your delivery pipeline. 

We will talk about new features in Artifactory that were released after version 5.1 such as: JFrog Access, Event-based pull replication, SHA256 support, Azure blob storage support, SAML SSO and other security improvements and some UI improvements.

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Check out our on-demand and upcoming webinars!

Upate ALL THE THINGS! From Dev to Device with DevOps!

July 11th 10:30 AM PST

Things are everywhere and connected to the Internet - this is IoT. When you are building for cloud, server, and mobile technologies, DevOps is a great way to ensure continuous high quality updates and keeping your developers happy and productive. But how do you do with IoT devices?

This talk will explore how DevOps for IoT is evolving and share some trends, practices, and technologies that are emerging. Specifically, we will look at how Smart Buildings are changing the way that cities manage energy costs, increase comfort and productivity, and lead their communities. We will also explore other applications across several industries. Cloud-based DevOps techniques will be applied to software updates for a IoT solution with a demonstration.

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Check out our on-demand and upcoming webinars!

Data Driven DevOps

July 25th 10:30 AM PST

Devops is usually viewed from a traditional perspective of a collaboration of Dev, Ops and QA, driven by the change in Culture, People and Process. But how do you know where you stand and where to move? As in almost any field, data and metrics give you the gauges and instruments. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the key measurements for the DevOps transformation process and provide you with 3 metrics you can start measuring tomorrow.

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