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  • Intro to JFrog Artifactory – Watch now
  • Fast-track Your CI/CD Pipeline with JFrog Artifactory Pro – Watch now
  • Scale Up JFrog Artifactory for the Enterprise – Watch now
  • Global Architectures with JFrog Enterprise and JFrog Mission Control – Watch now
  • What?!  Your Docker Registry is Not Universal? – Watch now
  • Fail-safe Docker Promotion Pipelines for Faster, Happier Delivery – Watch now
  • Your DevOps Ecosystem Just Expanded with Artifactory 5.1! – Watch now
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What’s New with JFrog Products?

Tuesday, December 12th at 12:30 CET

What’s New with JFrog Products?
Spend an hour with JFrog to learn about the new and cool features that have just been released in Artifactory, Xray, JFMC, and Bintray!

The Agenda

  • Quick Overview of JFrog Products
  • What’s New in Xray
  • What’s new in Artifactory
  • What’s new in JFMC
  • What’s New in Bintray
  • Q&A


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Check out our on-demand and upcoming webinars!

LIVE HANDS ON LAB - Promoting a Docker image to prod with Jenkins and Artifactory

Tuesday, December 14th at 9:30 am PST / 18:30 CET

Join us for a live, virtual, hands-on lab where Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog Developer Advocate, will walk you through a one hour tutorial via our hosted demo environment.

Baruch will guide lab participants through:

  • A CI/CD pipeline shown as 3 pipelines in Jenkins
  • Creation of a web application and push to Artifactory
  • Using a Docker image with Ubuntu, Java and Tomcat to create a web server template and pushing to Artifactory
  • Downloading the web app and web server template from Artifactory
  • Creating the production Docker image
  • Promoting the Docker image to a production repository in Artifactory


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