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  • Intro to JFrog Artifactory – Watch now
  • Fast-track Your CI/CD Pipeline with JFrog Artifactory Pro – Watch now
  • Scale Up JFrog Artifactory for the Enterprise – Watch now
  • Global Architectures with JFrog Enterprise and JFrog Mission Control – Watch now
  • What?!  Your Docker Registry is Not Universal? – Watch now
  • Fail-safe Docker Promotion Pipelines for Faster, Happier Delivery – Watch now
  • Your DevOps Ecosystem Just Expanded with Artifactory 5.1! – Watch now
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EMEA Webinar: Modern C/C++ for a DevOps Workflow

Tuesday, September 12 at 12:30pm CET

This webinar will introduce the basic tools and a complete Devops workflow for C and C++ languages. We will show you how to use automatic tests, installing testing frameworks from conan packages, injecting and using them to test your packages while building them. You will lern about reproducible and automatic build environments: Creating packages for developer tools. Creating package binaries in Continuous Integration. Public, cloud services: travis-ci and appveyor. Managing and creating multiple package configurations with conan-package-tools and CI. Jenkins integration and Artifactory plugin support for conan package manager. - Generation and usage of build-information in Artifactory.

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Check out our on-demand and upcoming webinars!

The Frog and The Butler: CI Pipelines for Modern DevOps

Thursday, August 24 at 10:30am PT

No relationship in DevOps is more important than that between your CI/CD server and your Binary Repository.  Jenkins has long been the go-to server for CI/CD, and JFrog Artifactory has long been one of the most popular integrations with it.  This webinar focuses on the new features of the integration, leveraging the Jenkins Pipeline DSL for infrastructure-as-code of your favorite artifactory features whether it be generic, Maven, gradle, C/C++ or Docker, and will show an end-to-end example of pipelines across multiple technologies and how powerful these new capabilities are.

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