What is JFrog Xray?
JFrog Xray

JFrog Xray - Universal Artifact Analysis

JFrog Xray performs universal component analysis, recursively scanning all layers of an organization’s binary packages to provide radical transparency and unparalleled insight into their software architecture. JFrog Xray works with most package formats and is fully integrated with JFrog Artifactory.

Artifactory diagram
Allows organizations to understand the impact of artifacts on production systems’ security, stability, quality, performance and architecture.
A fully traversable, filtered and focused recursive dependency graph which organizations can use to easily find out how the components are used, how they relate to each other, what they include and more.
A universal solution that "understands" most package types and integrates with various metadata databases such as those related to vulnerabilities, license compliance, component versions and others.
Powerful integration with an organization’s repositories and registries, allowing full sync through the entire CI/CD process and with runtime environments.
An open API that enables integration with all current and future types of metadata database to allow custom scanning capabilities for security, compliance, performance, quality, popularity or any other criteria required.