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Atlassian BitBucket with JFrog Artifactory

Atlassian BitBucket with JFrog Artifactory

The solution (integration)

JFrog has developed an add-on for Atlassian’s BitBucket distributed version control system. The add-on integrates BitBucket with JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Bintray to provide a unified dashboard that visualizes the entire release pipeline – from commit to BitBucket triggering the CI server to run a build, to promotion in Artifactory through the quality gates, until it is released for distribution through Bintray.


Atlassian BitBucket Integration (2)


The JFrog add-on takes BitBucket beyond being just a collaborative Git solution. Together with JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Bintray, BitBucket becomes a comprehensive tool to monitor and manage the release and distribution pipeline end-to-end.


Stage-by-stage monitoring. With the JFrog BitBucket add-on installed, BitBucket displays the status of artifacts as they go through the stages of the pipeline – build in the CI server (such as Atlassian Bamboo), promotion in JFrog Artifactory, and distribution in JFrog Bintray.


Instantly diagnose broken builds. The release pipeline may break down at any stage – development, promotion in Artifactory or upload to Bintray for distribution. The JFrog BitBucket add-on makes it easy to identify where a build breaks down and take remedial action in the right place without wasting any time trying to figure out why an artifact didn’t reach its target repository in Bintray.


Drill down for details. The JFrog BitBucket add-on provides a clear high-level view of the build status at each stage of the pipeline, as well as links that take you to the corresponding stage of the pipeline. A link to the CI server shows the various jobs and tasks of your build, a link directly to Artifactory lets you view the detailed Build Info, and more links take you into Bintray where you can view the distribution repository, readme files and version details.


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