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JFrog provides open source communities with solutions to automate software package management.
Artifactory, JFrog’s open source project, was released to speed up development cycles using binary repositories.
Bintray, JFrog’s social SaaS platform, was created for developers to distribute and share their software.
With Artifactory and Bintray, JFrog is the only company providing an end-to-end solution for automated software package management from development to distribution.

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Meet Artifactory

The world’s most advanced repository manager. Artifactory offers powerful enterprise feature and
fine-grained permission control behind a sleek and easy-to-use UI.

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As a local proxy to the outside world, Artifactory guarantees consistent access to the components needed by your build tools.
Remote artifacts are cached locally for reuse, so that you don’t have to download them over and over again.
Advanced security features give you control over who can access your artifacts, and where they can deploy them.
Supports large load bursts with extremely high concurrency and unmatched data integrity.
Automate all aspects of artifact management using a powerful REST API.


Feature / Service
Open Source Download
Proxy and cache remote repository artifacts.
Deploy artifacts via the UI or via REST/HTTP.
Atomic deployment for bulks of artifacts.
Intuitive and slick web UI.
Include/exclude rules for stored artifacts.
Search by name, class and module info.
UI-based move/copy/delete.
Save space and prevent duplications with checksum-based storage.
S3 object storage.
Backup service.
Integration with leading CI servers.
Integration with JFrog Bintray.
Integration with JFrog Mission Control
(View only for OSS and Pro).
Manage build artifacts for reproducible builds.
Log Analytics
Promotion, demotion and cleanup of build artifacts.
Automatic detection of 3rd party license violations per build.
3rd party license and security governance with Black Duck Code Center.
Artifactory Query Language (AQL).
Rsync-like repository replication.
Multi-push Replication

(* Availability in Artifactory Cloud requires a dedicated server)
Powerful REST API for release automation.
Annotate artifacts with searchable properties.
Proxy and host Docker repositories.
Proxy and host Puppet repositories.
Proxy and host Chef Cookbook repositories.
Proxy and host CocoaPods repositories.
Proxy and host Opkg repositories.
Proxy the Bower Registry.
Proxy VCS Repositories.
Proxy and host PyPI repositories.
Proxy and host P2 repositories.
Proxy and host RPMs with YUM repositories.
Proxy and host NuGet repositories.
Proxy and host NPM repositories.
Proxy and host Apt-get repositories for Debian packages.
Extend Artifactory with Groovy-based user plugins.
Custom repository layout for non-Maven module management.
Dynamically provision configurations.
Aggregate and run bulk operations on search results.
Receive focused email notifications when artifacts change.
Sign jars on demand and host Web Start applications.
LDAP authentication.
Support for multiple LDAP servers.
Synchronization of LDAP groups.
Proxy and host RubyGems repositories
Optional multi-realm authentication fallback.
Role-based authorization.
Atlassian Crowd integration.
SAML-based login.
Powerful SSO integration for NTLM, Kerberos etc.
Smart Remote Repositories
JFrog email support
(*Available with select packages, see pricing page for details)
All new commercial add-ons and upgrades provided with no additional charge during your subscription period.
Maintenance-free hosted Repository as a Service.
Always use the latest version of Artifactory available.

Meet Bintray

Bintray offers developers the fastest way to publish and consume OSS software releases. Whether you are distributing software packages or downloading ones,

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  • Near real-time stats
  • Automation using a REST API
  • Get downloads via a fast CDN
  • Get credit and appreciation 
  • Include your SW in other repos
  • Find binaries easily 
  • See who is behind the package 
  • Notifications about new releases


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